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What is 360 Trademarks? What We Do & Why

360 Trademarks launched last year to offer a specialised service that helps our clients protect their brand names and identities on a global scale. As part of 360 Law Group, we’re able to draw on our international resources and on-the-ground expertise to support our clients as they navigate local legislation and handle disputes. In this article, we’re introducing ourselves and the different services we offer, to give you a better idea of what we do and why. 

Why 360 Trademarks? 

Let’s start with the ‘why’. Your brand is your business’ most invaluable asset. Cultivating a recognisable and identifiable brand identity takes time and effort. Protecting your brand name and image legally is essential. This is the best way to prevent a third-party from using it for their own gain, or worse, taking it from you. 

We launched 360 Trademarks to assist our clients with filing and registering their invaluable trademarks quickly and for a reasonable fee. We offer our clients global coverage across the UK, the EU, Africa, India, Australia, the Nordics, South America and the US. 

Why register a trademark? 

Taking the time to register a trademark can make a substantial difference later down the line. Here’s why: 

  • Secure exclusivity for your brand name. Make sure it’s yours to use and yours alone. 
  • Protect your IP. Formally registering a trademark is essential in preventing others from using or imitating your intellectual property. 
  • Give yourself the legal ability to protect and dispute a trademark breach. 

Our services

Trademark Search 

Use our trademark search tool to check whether your desired trademark is already registered in relevant jurisdictions. 

Trademark Registration (and more) 

Get support with registering your trademark. We’ll support you through the entire preparation and filing process. We can also advise on which trademark classes you should be registering for. Additionally, we offer future planning advice for international trademark registrations.

We also offer support with registered designs and patents. 

Trademark Watch Service

Our trademark watch service gives our clients peace of mind. We monitor for applications to register similar trademarks on a global scale. We deliver weekly reports direct to your email and advise on the next steps if and when you need to object against a filed application. 

Trademark Portfolio Management 

As your business grows and scales, your IP portfolio will too. Managing, monitoring and updating this portfolio is critical to ensure ongoing legal protection for your intellectual property. We offer trademark portfolio management to take the burden off our clients’ shoulders. Additionally, we manage, register, analyse and enforce trademarks on our clients’ behalf. We also offer strategic advice and periodic brand audit. 

International Trademark Registration 

No need to consult or instruct a separate law firm every time you want to register a trademark in a foreign territory. 360 Trademarks offers a truly international service. We walk you through whether you can benefit from the Madrid Protocol System or help you to register your trademark individually in territories of interest. We can also undertake a global trademark search in relevant jurisdictions to give you a clearer picture of how plausible your trademark registration is.  

IP Disputes 

If you find yourself facing a legal dispute, our specialist IP lawyers will support you through litigation, representing your interests through the relevant courts. We have substantial experience dealing with trademark, copyright, patent and design infringements, breach of confidentiality and misuse of trade secrets, as well as revocation of registered trademarks, patents and designs. 

Protect Your Brand

Our work centers around helping our clients to protect their businesses’ most precious assets. Whether you have an existing trademarks portfolio or need help with your very first trademark application, our dedicated team of experts is here to help. Get in touch to find out about working with 360 Trademarks.

Have any questions?

It would be great to hear from you. If you have any questions about your order please email, we aim to respond within 1 business day.

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