Registered Designs

Having poured considerable time and resource into developing a new product, the last thing you need is for your competitors to copy the design.

As a highly valuable piece of intellectual property, your designs need legal protection to prevent others from riding off your success. This can be achieved quite simply by registering the design.

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Why should I register a design?

Registering a design will put a legal barrier around the appearance, structure, physical shape and decoration of your innovative product. By registering the design, you exclusively have the right to use it for up to 25 years. Should anyone attempt to copy this design during this period, you will be within your rights to take legal action to prevent infringement of the design.

How to register a design

In order to register the design, you will need to send us illustrations so that we can see exactly what it is you want to register. Illustrations could include photos, prints and drawings – in short, any materials you have that will clarify precisely how the product is designed, what it looks like and what makes it unique. The design itself must be inoffensive and must not make any use of any existing protected logos or trademarks.

Protect your designs and enforce their intellectual property rights

Every day, our intellectual property lawyers draw on their legal expertise in this field to help our clients protect their designs and enforce their intellectual property rights. If you have recently designed a product or have existing products you wish to register the designs for, our Solicitors, Barristers and Overseas Attorneys are on hand to help you through the process.

Beyond design registration, we can also advise on the enforcement and protection of designs and can assist you in the process of renewing your registration. Thanks to our global presence, we can also provide advice on protecting your intellectual property in territories outside the UK and the EU.

For more information or to get an accurate quote for our services, please get in touch using our contact form or call us on 0333 772 0926.

Have any questions?

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